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AC Compressor Replacement

For the best AC compressor replacement in Maricopa, AZ, our Felix Appliance Heating & Air is eager to assist. Call our team today at 480-406-7487!

An air conditioning unit consists of many parts instrumental to providing your home or business with cool air. One key component includes AC compressors. Without an AC compressor present, you’ll quickly notice no cool air blowing. 

This issue occurs because an AC compressor cools your air. There’s nothing more frustrating than having an air conditioner blowing hot air. Sometimes you can repair your AC compressor; other times, you’ll need to replace it. 

Felix Appliance Heating & Air can repair or replace any bad compressor as part of our extensive AC repair in Maricopa, AZ

How Does an AC Compressor Operate?

AC Compressor Replacement in Maricopa, AZ

An AC compressor is essential to any air conditioning unit. It features two primary purposes: 

  1. Pumps out refrigerant and sends it to your central air conditioning unit. 
  2. Creates the necessary pressure for refrigerant to turn into a low-pressure gas. The gas then circulates throughout your home as cool air. 

Two Signs You Have a Faulty AC Compressor

An air conditioner contains many parts. Regular maintenance and inspections can catch minor issues before they become huge concerns. Even with the proper care, however, problems can arise.

Two signs you need an AC compressor repair or replacement are: 

  1. Your air conditioner is blowing warm air: An air conditioner blowing warm air often indicates your compressor is having issues. When your compressor reaches its lifespan, it’s unable to cool your air. 
  2. You’re hearing a rattling noise: Rattling from your air conditioner typically means a part is damaged or broken. It’s crucial to have a professional inspect your air conditioner if you hear any strange noises. 

AC Compressor Repairs and Replacements

If you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioner, you’ll want to call Felix Appliance Heating & Air. 

Our process starts with inspecting your AC unit to determine if the compressor is indeed the issue. Once we determine that your compressor is causing the problem, we can explore whether repairs are possible. 

We can also help you decide if it’s better to repair or replace your compressor. Typically, an AC compressor replacement cost in Maricopa, AZ, totals more than a repair. However, the following factors should always influence your decision: 

  • The age of your compressor (most units last between 12 – 15 years)
  • If you could benefit from a more energy-efficient system 
  • If your compressor has required several repairs in the recent past

Over time, it tends to be more expensive to repair your bad AC compressor than replace it. Unlike other companies, we emphasize showing our clients their options. We offer transparent prices, no hidden fees, and solutions tailored to your needs. 

Why You Shouldn't Hire an Uncertified Contractor for AC Compressor Replacement in Maricopa, AZ

All our contractors are licensed, insured, and bonded. Our team brings years of experience paired with the right tools for the job.

However, residents sometimes try to save money by hiring an uncertified contractor in Maricopa, AZ. We don’t recommend this action because: 

  • An air compressor improperly installed or repaired can lead to significant damage. As a result, you’ll spend money on massive repairs in the future. 
  • In the case of AC compressor installation, an uncertified contractor may recommend a part that’s not the most compatible with your air conditioner. 
  • An uncertified service can harm your warranty and even void it if an issue occurs. 

What Felix Appliance Heating & Air Brings to the Table

When you work with Felix Appliance Heating & Air, you’ll benefit from the following: 

  • A family-owned and operated company: We’re proud to call Maricopa, AZ, our home. Besides Maricopa, our team also services areas like Scottsdale, Chandler, Casa Grande, Queen Creek, Mesa, and more. 
  • Specialized services: We specialize in everything heating and cooling. Besides repairing or replacing your AC compressor, we provide a wide range of HVAC services. 
  • A straightforward process: Our process is transparent from start to finish. You can quickly call us or book an appointment online. 
  • Affordable and fast results: Our team emphasizes cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise on quality. Additionally, we have short turnaround times and can accommodate your busy schedule. 

Replace Your AC Compressor Today

Whether you need to replace or repair your AC compressor, our team is always eager to spring into action. Call us today for the best AC compressor replacement in Maricopa, AZ. 

Dealing with refrigerant leaks is a breeze when Maricopa, AZ, residents call Felix Appliance Heating & Air at 480-406-7487!

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