Five HVAC Tips for Summer to Keep Your System Running Smoothly

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There’s no denying that Arizona summers are famously hot. Although we love a day in the sun, there’s nothing quite like coming back to a cool and air-conditioned home. Unfortunately, some of us are unlucky enough to experience a broken air conditioner during Arizona’s hottest months, creating an uncomfortable home and less enjoyable summer. 

As Maricopa’s trusted HVAC company, our team at Felix Appliance Heating & Air knows how important it is to have a fully functional and efficient cooling system. Whether your air conditioner is blowing hot air or not blowing at all, you can rely on us to resolve the problem. 

The good news is that you can take certain steps to prepare your AC unit for the summer and avoid unexpected breakdowns. Here are some tips on making sure your HVAC system can handle the Arizona heat. 

hvac tips for summer

1. Regularly Change Your Air Filters

One of the most important things you can do for your HVAC system during any season is to change out the air filters. Over time, these filters collect a lot of dirt, dust, debris, and other allergens. While this helps improve your home’s indoor air quality, clogged or dirty air filters will make your HVAC unit less efficient, which can cause a world of problems. 

Before the summer months arrive, check your air filter and make sure it’s clean. This not only helps you to save money on unplanned repair bills but helps lower your monthly utility bills. 

2. Use Ceiling Fans to Boost Cooling and Airflow

As Arizona’s outdoor temperatures rise, so do your energy bills. If you’re like most homeowners, you crank up your air conditioner to keep your home as cool as possible. Unfortunately, this also cranks up your monthly energy bills. 

If you want to save money, give your HVAC system a little help by using fans to maximize airflow. You can use ceiling fans, floor fans, tabletop fans, or whatever types of fans you have to move the cool air around your home, helping your air conditioner not have to work as hard. 

3. Check Your Ducts and Vents

When it comes to useful HVAC tips for summer, this is one of the best. Your air ducts and vents are responsible for carrying air around your house and transporting hot air outside during the summer. If you have dirty vents or ducts, your home will have reduced indoor air quality and a less efficient HVAC system. 

Aside from changing out the air filters, a good way to keep your air ducts and vents clean is by keeping your home clean. Clearing away dust, hair, dirt, and other debris means less of it will collect in your ductwork. Also, make sure there aren’t any objects blocking your vents, like furniture, toys, or home decorations. 

4. Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean

Although it’s often out of sight and out of mind, your air conditioner’s outdoor unit is crucial for keeping your home cool. To keep it working as it should, make sure the area around it is clean. Ideally, you should have the surrounding 2-foot perimeter free of leaves, twigs, and other outdoor debris. 

In addition, checking it periodically throughout the summer to ensure it remains clean helps it continue working properly without any issues, keeping your home cool and comfortable all summer long. 

5. Maximize Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking to save money in the long run, one of the best things you can do is maximize your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. You can do this a few ways:

  • Use a programmable thermostat for greater indoor temperature control by setting it for specific temperatures during the day, at night, and while you’re away from home. 
  • Use window coverings to block out more of the sun and keep your home cooler. 
  • Consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient unit if your current air conditioner is over 15 years old. 

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We know that as an Arizona resident, you’re looking for any way to keep your home as cool and comfortable as possible this summer without spiking your monthly energy bills. Following these HVAC tips for summer is a good way to do just that. 

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