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#1 Heating Maintenance & Tune-up Service in Phoenix, AZ

Avoid expensive repairs tomorrow with routine heating maintenance today! Call Felix Appliance Heating & Air at 480-406-7487 today to schedule your first maintenance appointment.

Even in sunny Arizona, an efficient heating system is necessary to ensure optimal comfort in your home year-round. Regular heating maintenance helps protect your heating system while saving you money on your monthly energy bill. Regular heater maintenance also reduces the need for expensive heater repairs while increasing the longevity of your heating system.

Felix Appliance Heating & Air provides Phoenix with heater maintenance from professional HVAC technicians capable of tackling even the trickiest heater repair. We work with your schedule, leaving you with one less thing to worry about–we have you covered!

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Why Have Regular Heating Maintenance?

Regular heating maintenance provides many benefits to homeowners, including saving them time and money. Heater maintenance can also help maintain maximum comfort in the home. Ensuring the essential parts of your heating system are clean and functional is the best way to prevent major repairs in the future. 

Reducing Costly Heater Repairs

Routine preventative heater maintenance keeps your heating system in tip-top shape. Regular heater maintenance catches any problems before they become serious, saving you time and money. Maintaining your current heating system is the best way to avoid expensive emergency repairs in the future.

Ensuring Optimal Comfort Year-round

A yearly tune-up reassures clients that their system is running as it should before they need to turn the heat on. Avoid getting stuck in the cold with a broken furnace this winter by scheduling your yearly maintenance appointment.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Changing air filters and other routine heater maintenance increases your system’s energy efficiency. Preventative heater maintenance helps protect the environment while saving you money by making your system run as efficiently as possible. 

Increasing the Longevity of Your Current Heating System

At Felix Appliance Heating & Air, our expert technicians will assess the current state of your heating system. If necessary, they will replace and clean any components that require further maintenance. These minor fixes can make all the difference in the longevity of your heater. 

What Does Routine Maintenance Include?

Routine heater maintenance is paramount for the overall health of your home. Choosing Felix Appliance Heating & Air as your service contractor provides you with reassurance so you can feel comfortable in your home. Routine heater maintenance includes: 

  • Replacing filters when needed
  • Lubricating all motors and moving parts
  • Providing all customers with a detailed findings report
  • Calibrating thermostat settings
  • Testing all safety features


Year after year, heater use takes a toll on your HVAC, even if it is only a few years old. Regular maintenance helps mitigate any damage caused by everyday use and will save you money in the long run. We recommend heater maintenance at least once per year regardless of the age of your heating system.

When to Call the Professionals

We recommend a yearly tune-up for optimal heater efficiency and damage prevention. The best time of year for heating maintenance is before you plan to use your heater, from late fall to early winter. A proper heater inspection by one of our expert technicians will identify any potential problems, big or small. 

Identifying any issues with your heater before it gets cold out is extremely important. If you notice your heating bill creeping higher and higher each month, it is time to call the experts at Felix Appliance Heating & Air for an inspection. Another sign that your heater requires maintenance is if there is a drastic change in air quality in your home. In addition, look out for these warning signs:

Uneven Heating and Cooling in Your Home

If you notice a change in temperature between rooms, this is a sign your heating system needs maintenance. 

Steadily Increasing Energy Bill

If your heating system is running efficiently, your energy bill should stay the same or decrease over time. A sharp rise in your bill shows that something in your heating system is not running properly. Our experts can identify the problem and find the best solution for your unique situation.

Decreased Air Quality

The air we breathe in our homes should be clean and free from dust. If the air quality in your home isn’t as good as it once was, it’s time for heater maintenance. 

Like any machine, your heating system requires routine maintenance to ensure it is running smoothly and efficiently. Remember that even significant problems can fly under the radar—you may not notice them until they leave you without any heat. Don’t allow your family to get stuck in the cold this winter. Sign up instead for yearly maintenance with Felix Appliance Heating & Air

Are you still unsure whether you need furnace maintenance? Call Felix Appliance Heating & Air today at 480-406-7487 for your free inspection!