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What Direction Does Air Flow In a Furnace?

Before we discuss the direction in which air flows into a furnace, we’ll outline the basics of how a furnace actually works to heat your home. First, it’s important to know that furnaces don’t generate hot air; instead, the air inside your home cycles through it. The furnace sucks in cold air and then increases the temperature, sending the now-warm air back into your home.

So, what way does air flow in a furnace? Each furnace has an air inlet, known as the return air, and an air outlet, known as the supply air. When air cycles through your furnace, it goes from the inlet to the outlet.

Downflow Furnaces

A downflow furnace flows air downward, just as the name suggests. If your furnace is in the attic or on the top floor, it’s most likely a downflow furnace. It works by sucking cold air into the blower compartment, sending it down over a heat exchanger to increase the temperature. The warm air then flows through the bottom of the furnace and into the ductwork system and vents.  

Upflow Furnaces

An upflow furnace will typically be in the basement or lowest level of your home. It sends air upwards through your home in the opposite direction of a downflow furnace. One of the best benefits of an upflow furnace is that it’s very energy-efficient, helping you reduce energy consumption and lower your heating and cooling bills.

Horizontal Flow Furnaces

Horizontal flow furnaces are an excellent alternative in homes where the attic or crawl space isn’t tall enough to accommodate an upright furnace. As the air handlers (a cabinet housing the inner components of the system) in horizontal furnaces have their parts located in a row, the air flows across the system horizontally when it’s in use.

Here’s how you can determine which way the air flows into your particular furnace system:

Check the Air Filter Slot

Check your furnace for the air filter slot, which will be on the return side or inlet. You can then determine that the direction of airflow is from the inlet into the furnace system.

Check the Ductwork

You can check the ductwork system on your furnace to find out which way the air flows into it. Is there one duct with insulation and another duct without? If so, there’s a good chance that the insulated duct is the outlet where the air flows back into your home. For ductwork with no insulation, place your hand on the outside to check the temperature. The warmer duct is the outlet.

Clean and Replace Your Air Filter Regularly

Furnace air filters directly impact the indoor air quality in your home. Most furnaces have either non-pleated or pleated filters, although pleated filters provide better filtration, and you can clean and reuse them. Which way does a furnace air filter go? Check the arrow on your filter to find out – it should point toward the blower in your furnace. Metal mesh filters should have the metal facing the blower.

You should always install the air filter on your furnace correctly and make sure to clean or replace it regularly. If not, it could allow airborne contaminants to enter your home, like pollen, dander, mold spores, dirt, dust, and more.

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What way does air flow in a furnace? Air flows into the inlet and then back through the outlet. However, the precise direction depends on whether you have an upflow, downflow, or horizontal flow furnace. Don’t forget you’ll need to schedule regular furnace maintenance to keep your system in good condition and maintain optimal performance and indoor air quality.

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