gas furnace electrical requirements


Every homeowner should know about gas furnace electrical requirements when moving into a new residence or making a big move. It is a great way to ensure you follow safety regulations and keep your furnace functioning effectively and efficiently. 

Felix Appliance Heating & Air, Mesa’s furnace repair professionals, can help you understand your gas furnace electrical requirements with a thorough inspection and service appointment. Read more to learn about your furnace, then give us a call to ensure yours is safe and in check. 

Understanding Your Gas Furnace

A gas furnace helps keep your home warm and comfortable as the temperatures drop and the seasons change. It requires electricity for the blower to transport the furnace’s heat to specific areas of your residence. The motor and fan cannot run the blower without electricity, nor can the furnace provide your home with the heat you want. 

When you experience an electrical outage in your area, having a backup generator can provide the necessary power to your furnace when you need it most. However, you may be wondering about gas furnace electrical requirements. Electric and gas furnaces differ slightly in their needs.

Electricity and Gas Furnaces

Despite requiring natural gas, your gas furnace utilizes electricity to run. Parts of your gas furnaces that require electricity are:

Gas furnaces use natural gas to produce heat, but without power from electricity, they will not run. Arizona residents should contact the professionals at Felix Appliance Heating & Air to see why it is not working. It can be dangerous to meddle with electrical components and your gas furnace. 

What Size Breaker Does a Gas Furnace Need?

Knowing the size breaker your gas furnace uses will be helpful if you ever need a replacement. Some larger furnaces might use more than one circuit breaker because they require more electricity to power the unit. The average size breakers for a gas furnace are:

If you are uncertain about your unit’s specifications, you can ask your certified and licensed local furnace professional. They can tell you about the maximum load and what breaker you need should a replacement become necessary. The average load requirement for a gas furnace is less than or equal to 600 watts, but check with Felix Appliance Heating & Air to learn about yours.

What Size Breaker Does an Electric Furnace Need?

The breaker size for a furnace depends on power consumption and output voltage rating. The average circuit breakers for an electric furnace are 80 to 100 amp breakers. What is the formula to determine your furnace’s amp capacity?

You can also use this formula for other appliances in your home, such as lamps or stoves.

Troubleshooting Your Gas Furnace When the Power Goes Out

Many furnaces are equipped with an internal failsafe to prevent them from operating during a power outage and experiencing problems. Having a generator for support during an outage is a good idea. You can check the following components of your gas furnace when the electricity goes out:

Schedule inspections or maintenance throughout the year to ensure your furnace works well and safely. Spotting problems quickly means you can replace faulty, worn, or broken parts that need electricity to run. Contact your local HVAC team to help prepare your furnace.

Contact Felix Appliance Heating & Air for Gas Furnace Installation and Inspections Today!

Felix Appliance Heating & Air offers Maricopa, AZ, dependable gas furnace and AC installation to the community with upfront and honest pricing and fast and trusted services. We can walk you through the gas furnace electrical requirements for your home or business and keep your furnace running by addressing any concerns or assessing the safety of your circuit breaker.

Our team is family-operated and owned, trusted by members of the Mesa and Maricopa areas, and supported by over 200 positive reviews from our previous clients who are pleased with our services. We can offer you a consultation appointment and assess the condition of your furnace to prepare for colder months ahead. Call us at 480-406-7487 to schedule services for your gas furnace or book an appointment online through our website. 

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