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Does a gas furnace need electricity to run efficiently? Will it still work after a severe Arizona thunderstorm causes a power outage at your Maricopa home or business? While natural gas furnaces primarily use gas to operate, you might be surprised to learn that several components require electricity.

Fortunately, property owners can easily implement different strategies to prepare for a blackout and get through it. Maricopa’s furnace installation experts can also assist by providing a better gas furnace. 

Read on for tips to maximize what your gas furnace can do for you in Maricopa, AZ.

Which Gas Furnace Parts Require Electricity? 

The three most common gas furnace parts that require electricity to function include the following: 

Floor furnaces use natural gas flow but also have thermopile generators producing DC currents. This allows the furnace to communicate better with a thermostat, but instead of electricity, these furnaces use convection to transfer heated air inside a building. However, floor furnaces are rare, so most gas furnaces do need electricity to function fully. 

What Happens to Your Gas Furnace During a Blackout?

A furnace powered by natural gas might not work during a blackout. For safety reasons, furnaces won’t turn on without an electricity source. You also shouldn’t try rigging your furnace to produce heat, as this can lead to further safety concerns. 

Does a gas furnace need electricity? Mostly, yes. However, there are some steps homeowners and business owners can take to be more comfortable during a blackout.

Install a Backup Generator to Keep the Heat On

Different backup generators include manual-start and automatic-start generators. A manual-start generator takes minutes to restore electricity, while an automatic one may only take seconds. This time difference might be enough to sway your decision but chat with an experienced HVAC technician before choosing one type to fit your property’s needs.

They can also provide details about connecting your furnace to a generator. If you don’t already have a generator, the right team can help you choose one that uses propane or natural gas. 

Portable generators can power your entire property or only certain appliances. However, experts don’t recommend operating a portable generator in an enclosed area because of potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Instead, you might want to use the generator for plugged-in space heaters.

Leverage Other Ways to Keep Warm During a Blackout

Don’t Try Fixing Your Furnace Yourself

Even if you have some knowledge of how the furnace works, trying to fix your furnace yourself after a blackout can be a safety hazard. You may also interfere with the warranty conditions laid out by the unit’s manufacturer.

Get Help Today From Our Expert Crew

Preparing for a blackout is also easier when you know that your furnace repair and maintenance are up to date. However, if you notice issues, call us! Common problems include a furnace’s pilot light not turning on and tripped circuit breakers.

Does a gas furnace need electricity to function efficiently? Probably, but to be safe, call Felix Appliance Heating & Air at 480-406–7487 today for help from the experts in Maricopa, AZ! 

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